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Saturday, 28 August 2010
YOG job over. 28/08/10.

okie. today was my last day working for YOG.

i will certainly remember the memories created during these 21 short days.

altho it went on for 3weeks, right now it juz feels like 3days.

no regrets, no hard feelings, no longings. juz loadsa girlish squealing, stricter boyfriend criteria, and a hell lotta ambitions.

reporting for work at point d, i saw the HKs go.. =[ the hot triathelete was looking at me from the coachbus's window!

erica slapped my other injected arm, and fucking made both sting till the end of the day. [that girl's palm is deadly, i'm warning you!]

the impact of each slap lasts 12hours!

after lunch, she came over to help, and while rolling the trash down the stairs, this Uganda athelete asked for a photo. i thought he wanted one with both of us, but it turns out, he juz wanted a photo with me.

guess what.

he handed his camera to e and immediately wrapped his arms around me, shooting the camera a very protective look! awww... soo cute! quite sweet. ^^

then after that, one photo not enough. muz take another one. so this time i also hugged him back. hahaha! he was beaming for the rest of the day. (saw him later on, he proudly gestured to his friend that he took a photo with me, and lightly squeezed my shoulder. his hand felt soo warm..)

the first meeting, and the last, is always the most eventful.

my first and last meeting with those Venezuelans was certainly eventful!! ^^

since erica came over after lunch to help us clean the c/o rooms, and throw trash, i went over to her hall in return. sup C juz said to come back by 3pm.

at hall 15, a Polish athelete wanted a photo with us, and damn! his arms are longer than the late AhMeng's!
could stretch over both e's and my shoulders!

blk 72, the Venezuelan team official started hitting on me, chit-chating, etc. then while another official asked me for my name, he quickly snitched a badge from his room, lightly turned me by the shoulders, handed me the Venezuelan badge, and winked at me! kyaa~! charming!

then later on while rolling more trash down, i noticed that a Venezuelan coach with sexy facial hair, in a red shirt kept staring at me from the 2nd floor. so i looked over and made eye-contact with him. fuck, he totally did the weet-wheew whistle!

went down to that side to clear the room trash later. erica had a ball of a time. ^^ so what if her stupid wrestler baby refused service again? those 5 topless hotties made up for it! ^^

then had fun with one of the female atheletes. first time socialising with a female athelete, in all my then-20days of working!

initially, she helped us by toppling the bins over the large garbage bag. some shit got stuck to the bottom, so i hit is really hard, and the bin dropped. she looked shocked for a while, so i thought, 'oh, shit, i think i hit her fingers..' when..

she began to drum at it as well!

hahahah! so for the next 2 bins, we both drummed at them like crazy! ^^

H took the opportunity to snap a photo with her, his arm over her shoulder. cheeko, take advantage only! xD~! no larh, kidding. H is a very nice guy.

went back to blk 68 at zhunzhun 3pm. slacked at the linen room, cuz my colleagues all disappeared.

found hidayah at 67, after throwing their trash, bid Hector goodbye, saying that we were going to hall 15 cuz the Venezuelans are hotter. xD~!

went something like this;

H comes out of the toilet, notices us/me: "ay! ^^"

notices my face, with slight makeup on: ".. Waa~OW~!! =D" starts gesturing towards his room.

h cuts in: "hi Hector, we're just gonna say goodbye, then we're going over to hall 15, cuz the Venezuelans are hotter than you."


went back to hall 15 to walk walk. uneventful, so went back to 68 to have a chat with Hector.

halfway thru, got a call from C, telling us to go to 67's 5th floor NOW.

M: "aight, we gotta go. 67. C says now."
H: "no, let me talk to your bitch boss." demands for my phone. dials, commanding expression, blank face, "the call didn't get through.."


anyways, went to 67. kena scolded by senior sup for walking around h15, cuz their hypocritical ss called to complain. shall not elaborate. it'll ruin my awesome blog-posting mood.

where was i..

somewhere along the way, i think before heading to h15, 2 Mexican coaches gave us another Mexican badge, and a shirt. ^^

then, here came the downier part.

later on while strolling from block to block while retrieving my things, going down the stairs to lvl 1 of blk 68, a chilean and guinea equatorial (the latter of whom told me was the one who went "you.. are.. very.. beautiful! =D") approached us, and asked me for sex.


he said that the both of them think that i was very beautiful, and are willing to pay me 200bucks for sex.


having a group meeting.. idiots..

anyway, later on, while in the upper floors, i made eye-contact with Hector while he was still in the damn meeting room. he looked soo sad to be leaving! gave me those damn attractive puppy eyes... grumble grumble fawn grumble..

i think that should be it for the 27th.

today, got a lot of 'treasures' from the c/o rooms. tomorrow when i have the time, i'll compile a list of things i received/kept over the 21days of work.

3+, tio by ss for not wearing uniform. kanasai. since yesterday's incident, she's been finding fault with me. anyway, no hard feelings.

after praying for everything to end smoothly, with no more pissed-off shit, everything ended well and smoothly without anymore pissed-off shit. ^^

thankyou, God! you always answer my prayers, even tho i don't notice it most of the time.

i pray that you will forever show me your hand, guide me, and let me look to you first thing no matter what happens, or does not happen. keep me close to you in faith, and bless everything around me, and my being itself.

in Jesus's name i pray,

ahh.. what a wonderful way to end a blog post. ^^
aight, i'm gonna try watching 1ep of one of the JDramas i bought before i sleep. the rest, things to do, things to whatever, leave it to God. tomorrow is a new day.

i haven't effing bought Sumaya's bday prezzie yet! shit~!

Fieary. 28/08/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??