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Wednesday, 11 August 2010
YOG job. 11/8/10.

okay, i've been working 9-hour shifts for 4 days straight, tomorrow is my first off-day before another 3 days straight, but yet, i don't feel like stopping work. even for a few hours..


a.) my job is awesome. very slack.

b.) my supervisors are super fun. and of all the halls, my supervisors are the best-looking ones. perfect target for polishing my tongueblade too.

c.) the Mexicans staying at hall 14 are effing hot!!

this afternoon when i first went to blk 68, the Mexican hottie (18?) staying on the first floor, in the third room from the left was fixing up his speakers etc, while being bent over the table soo suggestively. he was topless, turned his head over to look at me, and raised his right eyebrow. we call him Boombox.

and another from the TV room looked down, raised a sexy eyebrow, and gave me a cat-smirk!..

kyaa~! Moe~!!

while walking back to blk 66 from 68 with H, we passed by the 1st floor on purpose cuz the guys are soo sexy!

then another one, (too bad he's probably younger than me, [looked like 15/16, but could be 17, who knows, i didn't ask. forgot]) walked out of his room, poured bottled water over his head, and turned to us.

Young Mexican Hottie: ni hao ma?
Me: hao, haha.
H: you speak chinese!
YMH: i'm chinese
M: eh??

H: so what's your name?
YMH: i went to China twice before. [arrogant smirk + ignored her question]
H: for competition or?
YMH: competition.

M: oh..
YMH: i also know another thing in chinese. [stares straight into my eyes]


M: haha, that's sweet. ^^

we walk off.

hahahahah! i actually forgot how the actual conversation went, but damn! the first thing he did after moving in was to hit on me! how cute.

the first thing after that was for H to ask me how i'd rate him (scale of 1-10).

M: well, first sight, 6. when he said "ni hao ma?", 4. cuz it sounded stupid. but when he started chatting with us, 8!! ^~^"
H: i know, right?! he was totally hitting on you! omigosh!

and later on at 8++, when we "accompanied" Yoggi Bear supervisor to return keys, i sat on the road curb, and this cute athelete in blue strolled by with a not-so-cute other guy athelete. [wow, i sound soo biased.]

he was using his handphone to take photos of my 4-people pm shift, then made eye-contact with me, and said damn sexily;


M slight smile: Good Evening.

Blue-shirt Hottie: wink, tongue-cheek click.


and juz before i got onto the bus sending us to point D, i saw Boombox again!

like, each time i walked past the Mexican area, he'd be lounging around, getting massaged, talking to coaches at the stairs, and he'll never fail to make eye-contact with me. oh gosh. something about him is very.. unnerving.

becuz i'm such an ass, i shall not post about the moments when i screwed up on the job, altho some are seriously epicly amusing.

yes, friday the 13th i'll be working again!

Fieary. 11/8/10.

+ the Japs are at hall 8/9. i wanna transfer! manager juz laughed at me..

when will my dreams be fulfilled??