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Friday, 30 July 2010
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. 30/07/10.

aight, so.. i'm sick.

it's the 4th? day since i got an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

and honestly, it fucking sucks!

it hurts when i speak, feels like someone is ripping out the top of my throat when i swallow, and even stings a little when i breathe.

see the circled area? that's where it hurts. and according to the doc, it's red.

so this morning, i woke up, decided to see a doc later on, and woke up again at 11plus.

put on my aunty's slippery slippers [i ain't ever buying a pair of my own.] and slipped my way to the doc's place.

typed out whatever i needed to saw in an sms draft. guess what, he didn't know how to scroll down the sms on my phone. hahaha. how cute. seeing him struggle with my scratched up nokia. he actually thought it was a touch-screen for a moment!

the sms draft went like this;

"the back of my nose/nasal area hurts. feels very very dry, but no amount of water helps. it hurts a hell lot when i swallow, hurts when i talk, and even has a slight burning sensation when i breathe. had fever and headache yesterday, so i took 2 panadols, but it didn't do anything but make me feel woozy."

ya. he prescribed me:
voren 50 mg. 1 tab 3 times daily when necessary for pain/fever
amoxizillin 250mg. 2 tabs 3 times daily, when necessary. antibiotics.
papenin [or however you spell it]. 2 tabs, 3 times daily, when necessary, for sorethroat.

really really awesome lozenges,
and a day's mc.

i really really dislike consuming medicine, but they were all tiny, and didn't have a bad taste, so i have no issues with this batch of pills.

after taking the meds, the effect was almost immediate, i soo wished i went to him yesterday. haha.

anyway, so i contacted my dad, informed him, etc, and got him to buy me food home. ^^ i love you, daddy!

but before he reached home, i went to meet K to pass him the mooncake brochure.
ANYBODY WANT TO PRE-ORDER MOONCAKES? CONTACT ME. this year's greentea-citrus flavour is awesome!!

and somehow bearbear ended up BELOW MY BLOCK, with sushi and barley. haha. thanks! also passed him a brochure.
while i was eating the wonderful KuayChap and BakKutTeh my daddy bought.
omigosh, they were soo easy to swallow!!
yes, i finally learnt what kuaychap was. and tasted bak kut teh.

anyway, i'm feeling hungry. or rather, typing this post made me crave my meal. gonna finish up the rest of it later. KC + BKT!! not forgetting that daddy is now buying Hokkien Prawn Mee back for meeEEEEE!!!!!

Liar Game is awesome. Matsuda Shota was soo hot there. anyway, gonna buy the series, sequel, and movie when i have the time to watch it.

Looking for YUKATA SETS <$100. contact me at dapurples@gmail.com


i love my daddy.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??