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Sunday, 18 July 2010
Arashi. 18/7/10.

feeling damn disappointed right now.

i can officially declare that Arashi will not be anything more than just another good band to me.

first, i'll type out how i got into the whole fandom jizz, then i'll tell you why i'm out. (meaning, i'm also gonna change some stuff on my 100list.)

anyway, so in jan this year, i went to catch Gokusen: the Movie with Z.

Kamenashi Kazuya caught my eye, so i decided to go search up on Gokusen. BY told me there's a series, which i decided to watch. Matsumoto Jun got my attention, together with Oguri Shun.

then Dramawiki told me they starred together in Hana Yori Dango again. i wanted to see the chemistry, etc. so i went to watch.

Jun-baited. [i wanted to insert a heart, but not anymore. no more mood.]

so youtube became my buddy for searching for more of matsujun.

totally thought of juz watching Arashi for him, and not the others. played one of the Arashi playlists i found, and saw Ohno Satoshi moving soo deftly and skillfully in his Rain performance. respect~

saw Sakurai Sho's Touch Me Now perf, and thought "damn~! this guy is sex on stage~!"

caught clips from their variety shows, especially Arashi no Shukudai-kun, Himitsu no Arashi-chan, and Mago Mago Arashi. not excluding D and G no Arashi too.

anyway, decided to watch them cuz they were hilarious. started downloading.

somewhere along the way, Sakurai Sho juz snuck out from behind Matsujun and became my ichiban.

feb 2, went for DPA camp, met C, totally sucked me into Arashi fangirling.

first time i ever experience what fangirling is like. wow. you girls really have it hard, man.

anyway, so it was like this;

Me trying to shove heavy luggage into bus trunk.
C help shove it in.

M: thanks. ^^
C: ^^
M: who will you be sitting with? shall we sit together?
C agreed.

on bus

M: i have The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in my iPod. wanna watch?
C: okay, sure. but, maybe after we cross the causeway.
M: (iPod already out and scrolling through vids) orh. also can. i have other short clips in here tho, like music videos.
C: wait wait, scroll up a bit. (spots HnA)
M: oh, that's a jap variety show called Himi-
C: *gasp*

both stare at each other like 0.0



lol. within less than 2 minutes of meeting, you could hear us squealing extremely loudly from a few kilometres away. i have never emitted such a loud, girly series of screeches from any part of my being in my whole entire life before then.

it was. wow. madness?

throughout the camp, things juz did not die down. xD

especially when C got 2 splinters in her hand. wow. hahaha.

anyway, so i got totally immersed into fangirling over somebody or rather, some group for roughly 5months.

somewhere along the way i decided to buy all their dramas, etc.

juz reviewed my 100list on TheBuriedLife.com

taking out number 114. the getting kissed by Sho and matsujun simultaneously thing. lol. that was soo smitten.

but, yea. they are still awesome, Sho is still an inspiration to me. the whole, getting there (achieving my dreams), yet still doing my family proud (study-wise).

anyway, i think that's enough of how i got into Arashi.

another Johnny's Entertainment group i was also inclined towards but too lazy to develop interest in was KAT-TUN.

to me, they were like a mini Arashi.

i used to tell people that they were formed to be Arashi juniors, imitating them, etc, but to be less obvious, they put 6 people in instead. evidence of this can be seen in KAT-TUN shows/interviews/appearances.

anyway, my interest in them has also been cut off, largely thanking Akanishi Jin's departure from the group.

not many people know this, but those with decent observational skills would notice that i lose interest in a band or group when either A.) they split, or B.) they replace members.

i'm still okay with them even if they go on something like a permanent hiatus. but juz don't split or change themselves.

anyway, so i was juz laughing at something a fansubber wrote, about KAT-TUN=Kame + his backup dancers.


ya. not that funny after all.

my interest in Busted was also killed after they split.

the whole point is, well.. i'm not sure. ahah.

i depleted my bank account, and the only major trace-able expenditure was about $400 on shows. most of which star Arashi.

anyway, my lunch is here. TomYum YuMian.

time to eat. juz bought Kaibutsu-kun last night. first disc stuck my my computer's disc slot. crap. need to jack my comp to get it out later.

oh ya, the main point of this post.

My interest in Arashi was killed, largely due to the fact that Ninomiya Kazunari, my fast-rising niban, smokes.

this can be seen in Mago Mago Arashi ep 31, part 2 of the boating club series, at 7.56. obvious cigarette. =/

jun smokes too. thank God aiba quit after his pneumothrax thing.

found this out from a community site sharing Arashi secrets. a few people mentioned that matsujun didn't smoke when he had kiss scenes with Inoue Mao. and one said that in MMA, boating club, there was a scene when the staff slipped and nino could be seen with a cig in his hand. i went to check them out.

jun has ugly yellow smoker teeth.
and i caught nino..

Fieary. 18/7/10.

time to concentrate on achieving my dreams instead of watching and downloading more Arashi and cartoon KaT-TUN clips.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??