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Monday, 19 April 2010
indecisiveness. 19/4/10.

k, first off, i haven't posted in a while is not cuz i'm too lazy.

well, maybe.

but the point here is that there was nothing really blog-worthy to post about.

however, today really had me wishing somebody would share my feelings.

i totally couldn't make up my mind.

hence, i spent my 3-hour lunch break walking around campus, with super low efficiency.

after school, i heard the class com saying that they wanted to play at Moberly, so i readily agreed, and even listed out the games available, of course, highly stressing that i wanted to try playing rockband.

so we while they were agreeing, i left halfway to submit some documents at the ssc.

then while walking to moberly, i thought i should go look for christine to get the A scores from her, since she was printing them out in the hilltop library.

while walking there, past the basketball court, i saw thweeni, justin, qijie, and a few others playing basketball, so i wanted to join them.

ML also wanted to, so we said, "ok! let's go join them.", and proceeded to make our way down the teeny weeny 2m high 75degrees slope/stood at the edge, contemplating if i should juz jump down, slide down, walk to the stairs 10m away.

normally, i'd juz jump, but i was worried about ML, so we juz stood there discussing how we should get down, and if we should even join them, for close to 10mins.

then spent another bloody 10mins standing at the net, wondering if we can join, when the guys we don't know already invited us to play.

OMIGOSH! WTH IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN TODAY!!! it's like every 'not-me' thing i do happens on the first day of my thingy!

ANYWAY, play finish basketball, (of course while playing i had those moments of 'should i shoot, should i pass, who should i mark?'

aiyah, those who have actually come into contact with me would know that i make decisions extremely quickly using common sense and stick to those decisions. today, i kept thinking on and on and on, and ended up take no action.

ml was super funny/cute tho. she was basically juz standing in the court, turning round and round.

after basketball, we went to moberly. had a hard time considering if i should play or not. THEY BOOKED ROCKBAND!! ml wanted to go home, so i decided to send her to the mrt station.
meanwhile, my darling s, was finishing lecture, so wanted to go back with her together.

but at the same time, already smsed c that i'll be heading to the hilltop library to collect scores form her, and told the com that i wanted to play rb.

omigosh.. i totally didn't know what to do!

so after sending ml back, i went back to moberly. then juz nice 5, decided i was going back too, so walked back, then thought i'd go hilltop, but c had a meeting till 6, so i headed back to the mrt.

juz cuz i couldn't make up my mind.

aiaysh, today was like, wtf larh.

then on the train to je, i was stuck in the mid of 2 carraiges, and couldn't decided which damn door to get out from.
approaching msl mrt station , i totally couldn't make up my mind whether to sit on the 'reserved' seat or not. stood up twice to let oldies sit.

reaching msl, saw dark clouds, but very light drops on the train windows. couldn't bloody decide if i should walk or take bus.

while walking, saw an icecream vendor outside the pri school. couldn't decide if i wanted icecream or not. then afterwards couldn't decide which flavour i wanted, and if i wanted it in bread or not.

crappy day larh.

then since it was raining rather moderately, i had to choose which path i wanted to take.

God, please bless me with higher brain efficiency..

at home, same thing.

after reading HHHIC's congratulatory email, same thing.

cash concerns regarding the above, same thing.


juz effed off right now larh. burning GnA also. =[

God, help me please. i pray that you'll bless me with higher brain efficiency, and help me to lean on you more, Lord. i don't wanna do things on my own anymore. it sucks. HELP me Lord. in Jesus' name i pray, AMEN!

Fieary. 19/4/10.

now the font colouring also. uhg, i'll juz leave them black.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??