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Wednesday, 31 March 2010
Shooting Star's Tears/Crying Meteors. 31/3/10.


Shooting Star's Tears/Crying Meteors


Hey, take a look at the sky
The stars are twinkling up high
At least, in the night, with such lovely light
They forever will be shining bright

Hey now, oh listen to the stars
If you can, tell me what you hear
At least, if you try, softer than a sigh,
You may hear them whispering in your ear

Like a shooting star your back is racing from me
Won't you please wipe away the tears you're crying?
At least, here tonight, there's a peaceful light
And i wanna see you smile just as bright

From this day forth, take my hand in yours
Let us walk this way forever more

From this day forth, take my hand in yours
Let us walk this way forever more

enjoy! ^~^



when will my dreams be fulfilled??