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Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Paw-widge. i want paw-widge. 23/3/10.

yes, i am hehwing twoubwe pwonouncing 'r', 'wee', and 'l'.

sick, but enjoying it.

'it' being homerest, stay in bed all damn day watching J-Dramas. ^~^

i'm a happy camper.

can't help but feel concerned for my DPA group mates tho. we still have to complete a presentation for Facts and Lies of Everyday Data for friday.

i'll be taking my Essentials of Marketing retest on thurs.

yet i'm still slacking at home.

The Witch Trials [Majou Saiban] is.. wow.
Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru is.. wow..eh?
Nobuta wo Produce's ending is.. eh?wow..


i think the flu is getting to my head.

not diagnosed as flu tho. i also dunno diagnosed as what.

i think the only thing that upsets me about being sick, is that i can't;
a.) sing well with my current voice condition
b.) eat well.. T.T i wanted to eat soo badly yesterday!!! happily munching thru my second bowl of paw-widge when i juz couldn't eat anymore.. T.T

that's all. i need to perpare for my marketing test. that's gonna be down tomorrow. ^^

aite, back to Majo Saiban.

i'll finish the 2 posts i wanted to do soon. after i'm well again.

for now, i want paw-widge.

Fieawy. 23/3/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??