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Tuesday, 2 March 2010
Humility. 2/3/10.

i need it. i need it real bad.

i'm sure an explanation for why i do, is not required, so i shall juz skip it.

God, please teach me humility. i am now willing to learn.

okie, so instead of playing the Wii-Rayman at Moberly juz now, Ning decided to give pool a shot, so we booked a pool table instead.

i have never experienced such a mental slap before.

it was literally a bitch-slap soo hard, i'd get whiplash, and my neck would juz twist off, dropping my hard head to the floor.

here's what happened.

Ning has never ever played pool before. i have. in fact, through the past 2 weeks, i've been encouraging her to play pool with me, cuz i've been wanting to use Moberly facilities.

anyway, so she had no idea how to shoot, or even how to hold the pool stick, so i juz gave her a brief description, and showed her how to play. i didn't even bother explaining the rules properly, juz told her "if i'm hitting supposed to be hitting stripey, but my cue ball ends up hitting solid first, you get a free ball, meaning you can put the cue wherever you want."

guess what the outcome of that was..

she won the first 2 consecutive games.

i was literally standing by the side, leaning onto my stick for support, and hiding my face behind my curtain of hair. good thing my curtains are thick.

well, normally that would be a huge blow to my ego, but since i 'taught' her, it wasn't so bad. ^^

AHH, WHO THE HELL AM I KIDDING?!?!?! it eff-ing stinks!

i'm not sour about it or anything, cuz i won the last match. we both hit in every single shot, and spent between 6.02pm to 6.16pm trying to get the 8-ball in. i got a free ball. i won. yay. i felt on top of the world.


i bloody need to learn humility.

i'm hungry.

The Buried Life calls. go create your own 100list.

don't listen to me, go to http://www.theburiedlife.com/blog and find out more for yourself.

i shall copy and paste my 100list over there.


Fieary. 2/3/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??