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Friday, 12 March 2010
cute4ever.com 12/3/10.


so now i've included it in the missing section from my collection:

Magic Knight Rayearth 2 [eng] - book 1, 2, 3.

Magic Knight Rayearth anime DVDs.

The Art of Magic Knight Rayearth.Magic Knight Rayearth [OVA]

Magic Knight Rayearth video game.

Magic Knight Rayearth [chinese]

yes, MKR2 in chinese is not there. i'm buying it from a guy called Ryan, online!! wakakakakakaka!

that's how i even found out the mandarin manga existed.

i shall not give you the link for fear of people outbidding me!

xD~! juz kidding. i clicked the "buy now" option, and even mailed the guy. hopefully he'll get back to me soon...


the link to the site.

it's basically a singaporean auction site, kinda like ebay. super similar.

i've already completed a transaction with another seller called "paomei". i bought Murder Of The Inugami Clan from here for $5.90, and she juz sent it over. got it yesterday. so, done within 2days.

i wanna complement her.

the discs were still brand new, in original wrapping thing, with the original pricetag still on. xD~! $39! omigosh..

she even bothered to wrap the disc further in bubblewrap, and secured it with quite a bit of scotch tape. the strong, quality kind, not the cheapskate clingwrap plastic kind.

the site even gives you the information of the seller's nearest MRT station, in case you'd wanna do meet-ups.

i actually wanted to get a lot more stuff from there, but.. my bank account has been depleted by a few hundred bucks beyond what i intended. so i shall stop.

more cup noodles.

Fieary. 12/3/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??