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Wednesday, 10 March 2010
$202.80 8/3/10.

that's the amount i spent on 17titles at TS yesterday. ^^

never splurged soo easily on shows before. and i'm still gonna get more.

at first i was pretty surprised that it came up to 200bucks. lol. but now that i look at it, yea. no surprise.

the service staff were nice tho. made my expense worth it. ^^

they also said that if there was anything wrong with the CDs, i could bring them back within 6months to change. not likely that i'll complete watching all of them within 6months tho. xD~!

it's like, 150hours+++?

then still bought Nobuta wo Produce at VeeGoo. at least that's what i think the name of the shop was.

juz realised my stupidity. the series doesn't contain the SP. i have to buy them separately, unless otherwise stated on the container. uhg.

it's ok, just more cup noodles/home-made sandwiches for a few more days. excellent way to lose weight. ahahhahaha!

Fieary. 8/3/10.

my internet jammed up again, so i juz typed this into notepad, and shall copy and paste it onto blogger tomorrow.

should i copy my good posts onto livejournal?

i need to accumulate postcounts so i can download AnS episodes..

uhg. somebody please do it for me.. title them according to episodes, place them all in a folder labelled Arashi no Shukudai-kun, and pass them to me please

when will my dreams be fulfilled??