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Thursday, 18 February 2010

well, recently there have been a lot of things discouraging me, but i refuse to back down.

i pray that God will relight my passion, grant me good graces and health, and allow me to accomplish everything i set out to do.

i'm not afraid of having the world laugh at me.

at the end of it all, i know i will be laughing my way through.

gonna go clean up my room table now. ahhahaha.

i feel soo glad that i managed to get Magic Knight Rayearth season 1's manga in english. i'm missing book 1 from both seasons tho. the japanese originals.

also still trying to find MKR 2's eng series.
and maybe the OVA.

been looking for these since primary 2. never give up. ^^

took me 10years. hahah! and still on-going.

Fieary. 18/2/10.

looking for Arashi's Time/Jidai 2007 concert DVD. mail me/tag for offers.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??