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Friday, 5 February 2010
my belated bday/Tokyo Dogs. 5/2/10.3

okay, so on the 2nd night of camp, 5/2, we had a campfire, where my group won the 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' game. prize = 100ringit, shared between 25ppax.

so it was 20ringit between myself and 4girls. they nice, give all to me for my bday. lol.
thruout the day they kept emphasizing it's my bday, so during the 2-hour shopping at Jusco, we went to the places i wanted to check out.

aiyah, i'm juz rushing thru this cuz i wanna watch Tokyo Dogs.

juz started on the first ep, and i'm already loving it.

anyway, so when i reached back at Sg yesterday, met up with erica, we went to eat at CCK's New York New York, i made my complaints, yada yada yada, she helped me drag my luggage back by order of muah, all the way to my place. then sit there eat a bit more, chatted with my dad, then she went home, and i went to sleep. thee end.

forgot to mention something in my previous post, but i've forgotten.

think it was something about Christine's wonderfulness. i love those girls.

aite, back to watching Oguri Shun, kakkoi, to Mizushima Hiro, bakawaii.

Fieary/ 5/2/10.

a, so ka, watashi wa mite ichi nagareboshi. ni ye.

kya!! i'm juz donw watching Tokyo Dogs. omigosh.. i love it! on par with Gokusen. haha. loving Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro's 'fights'. tho i can totally imagine Arashi members instead of those 2. lol.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??