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Sunday, 7 February 2010
Gunung Arung Trek. 8/2/10.

i totally forgot to mention; on the camp's 2nd day trek, i got bitten by a spider.

it was black, medium sized, and hurt like a bitch.

i had no idea how the damn thing got onto my arm. think it's cuz i was leaning on quite a few trees while waiting for slowpokes to catch up.

anyway, i felt a sudden sharp piercing shock near my wrist, so i turned to look. saw the damn arachnid.

so i swatted it off my wrist. it landed on my shirt.
i flicked it off my shirt, it flew to my pants.
repeated wrist-turning action, it jumped to my shoe.

so i juz got fed up and stamped really rapidly like a rhino on a flame.

hope the bastard died. or at least kena permanent paralysis.

out of 100+ ppl (including seniors, teachers, guides, and orang asli guides), it choose to nibble my flesh.

and the guides and seniors totally didn't know what to do about the bite.

here's what was supposed to take place:

1.] squeeze/suck out the spider's oral fluids from the wound.
2.] disinfect it.
3.] observe my temperature for the next 2 hours.

instead, here's what they did:

1.] oh, i have antiseptic cream, you want? -senior
2.] so you will kill spiderman? he got bitten by a spider and turned into spiderman. you were bitten by a black spider, so you will turn into black widow. male spider attracted to female spider, so you will kill him. -guide.


when i manage to figure out where my aunty put my camera, i'll show you the bite. found it!

i myself squeezed the fluid out on the spot and disinfected it, but i think there was still some spideysaliva left.

it's been 5days since the incident already, but the area around it is still slightly swollen. and dull red.

i also have an awfully large bruise, spanning the length of my palm, on my right forearm. another careless mistake on my part. a repeat of 8years prior.

it has a rather cool cut at the end, tho. but this post is about the spider bite, so don't even dream about seeing my forearm.

Fieary. 8/2/10.

i'm currently downloading Arashi no Shukudaikun eps, that's why i can take time off to type posts. hahaha.

Nakama Yukie is a veteren actress, but most of the dramas she star in are boring. it's the movies that rock.

ever seen a durian worm?

when will my dreams be fulfilled??