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Saturday, 13 February 2010
CNY eve. 13/2/10.

okay, so i guess while waiting to download files from MediaUpload, i should post an update.
[anyone willing to pay for my premium account so i can download like, hundreds of files at once??]
for the past 2 weeks, i've been busy with DPA orientation, waking at 6am, and coming home only well past 8pm.

i was thinking of throwing away my schedule, but i guess i should scan it in to show you guys.
[oop-di-doo, i dumped it out the window 2days ago..]


well, we had a bonding camp, went sailing, where Hafiz got injured, (no worries, the guy took it like a man. still in hospital, tho.), did some crappy metal tooling.

ya, i'm too lazy to scan them in separately.

we had to do one YOG piece, and a 'creative' piece. Frangt e Fugly Faggot was born from my creativity, many millineas of seconds ago. he's probably a few thousand hours old now.

instead of going for Muay Thai, i swapped with Alexster and went for Archery instead. uh huh, i rocked. best archer of all, yea! even tried 'Avatar-style' shooting. basically, we juz twist our arm and pulled outwards, instead of the normal way. go watch the movie if you have no idea what i mean by that.

i forgot what else we did. oh ya! dance. bullshit.

anyway, lessons are starting after Chinese New Year week is over. boo...

i'd gladly switch with all the girls. they go for lessons, i go for orientation again.

if only that was possible.. T.T

Little Big Soldier was great. similar to the style Jackie Chan used to have in his older films, when Yuen Biao was still a hottie. i didn't like the serious tones he tried to set in his recent movies.

True Legend was A-M-AZING!! altho half the time i was going "eh! they reused that set! the first scene was from ....... and the final fight scene was a reused set from Jet Li's ......!!"
their production team was ACE!


aite, nothing interesting to type about anymore.


Fieary. 13/2/10.

gonna watch Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo SP. the one about vampires, MatsuJun, and KameKazu.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??