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Sunday, 21 February 2010
CHINGAY monkeys.. 21/2/10.

i juz noticed, if u split it up.. haha!

anyway, juz had an awesome 4km run at MacRitchie Reservoir juz now. waaahh..

it's still very picturesque there, even with the gradually polluting air.

sadly enough, the animals are disappearing.

went running with dad juz now, and we couldn't stop recounting how the place looked like 10 years ago.

1.} there used to be a warning sign right at the exit of the blue maze-bridge-thing, about crocodiles and monitor lizards, how to identify them, what you should and shouldn't do, should you chance an encounter with them.

2.} there were schools of meter-diameter pomfrets in the waters under the bridge.

3.} there were turtles that looked a hundred years old that swam there, and sun-bathed at sunset.

4.} you could see sea snake burrows through the water. yes, it was that clear. they were aplenty too. bright orange and black creatures. NEVER POKE A STICK AT THEM. they strike.

5.} those damn ugly monkeys ran away when i approached. a whole fucking horde of them was staring me in the face juz now! i almost stepped on an ugly baby's tail cuz it refused to move. one miserable old male even ran after me!!! #$^#$%@#-ing things!

the run was fine. started raining halfway thru, so we turn-tailed and went off.

i luve 7-up

on the way home, on the highway, guess what..

out of 4 lanes, 3 were closed. for what?


give it that shit colour. made us wait in traffic for close to an hour!.

and when we finally made it pass...

ONLY 1 BLOODY PATHETIC FLOAT WAS THERE!!! it was miniature, dull, boring, and sponsored by some miserable company whose name i can't even pronounce!


juz caught the dragon-lion dance on tv. thought the emcees said it was "deaf-lion parade".

my dad say "soo fat, how to lion dance!?"

plus, the shaolin dragon looked as tho it was spasming. like kena seizures like that.

aite, i need to go shower now. school starts tomorrow. uhg.

Fieary. 21/2/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??