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Thursday, 25 February 2010
Arigatou, Nakagomi-san. 25/2/10.

okay, so some of you may know i've been having a bad week. well, more of a bad month, actually.

anyway, i've been complaining, sulking, whining, etc, due to shitty circumstances and stuff, but as usual, God has been good.


special order form for Magic Knight Rayearth manga books!! ^^

i approached Kinokuniya's japanese books counter, and Nakagomi-san volunteered to help me special order them. i totally didn't know i could do that~! lol. she allowed me behind the counter, and we slowly scanned the computer's list of CLAMP manga. finally, after about 60titles and 3pages, it was there!!!!

hahahahah! yessah!

i've been wanting the whole series since i was 7. now, 10 years later, i'm finally able to fulfill that small wish! ^^

altho i'm still looking for the second season in english. i have the first season in english already.

anyone know where i can get it?? the bloody english books counter staff said they don't have it, ain't gonna get it, and won't let me special order it. told me to look for it myself. =.=;

i also want the MKR DVD set.

basically, i want the whole MKR collection.

here's what i'm missing:
Magic Knight Rayearth 2 [eng] - book 1, 2, 3.
Magic Knight Rayearth anime DVDs.
The Art of Magic Knight Rayearth.
Magic Knight Rayearth [OVA]
Magic Knight Rayearth video game.

if anyone knows where i can get them, PLEASE TELL ME!!

email me immediately, please!! or inform me via tagboard, with contact details. i'll D-E-F-initely contact you immediately upon reading you tag/mail.

i juz realized that altho this has been my childhood material dream, i don't have it in my 100 list. nvm, i'll add it now.

and yes, i've started school, so i'd be pretty busy with boring stuff. no homework yet, tho.

been hoping to get a cool part-time job to fund my current obsession; filling my room with merchandise i've been wanting to get pretty badly. eg. DVD sets of dramas i love, books i love.

lol. not really an obsession, more of a motivation. haha.

aight, i'm gonna continue working towards my dreams. Christine is helping me! printing scores of me at 1buck per piece. hahaha! ARIGATOU!

Fieary. 25/2/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??