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Saturday, 9 January 2010
Ryusei No Kizuna. 9/1/10.

o gosh, Ryusei No Kizuna is an excellent show.

Ninomiya's expressions are mecho-KAWAII! lol.

no wonder he's the best actor in JE.

and i've only watched the first half of the first episode. wow.

no biasness in opinion, tho.

juz realised i have a bunch of things i said i'd do, but haven't been starting on any yet, due to an overbearing sense of procrastination.

gonna watch RNK first. enjoy life.

Fieary. 9/1/10.

At 3.18am, i'm finally done watching the series. o gosh. awesome.

i totally have not seen such genuine acting since.. well.. eons ago, how about that?

D-E-F-initely worth 10straight hours of watching and replaying portions.

altho i'm seriously bummed by the low rating. i mean, yea, an average of 16.3 a week is considered successful already, but i was kinda expecting it to be more of a.. 22.7 audience rating calibre, ya know?

without any bias towards Ninomiya Kazunari, or Toda Erika, i can assure you that their performance got me empathising with them, and actually worked the rusting gears in my brain.

that takes A LOT.

i'm thinking of catching Maou next. maybe tomorrow. 11episodes.

i love J-Dramas. all soo short and sweet.

Fieary. 10/1/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??