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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

okay, so maybe i should juz keep blogging, no matter how crappy the posts may be.
after all, i can juz delete the lousy ones in the future. ^^

today's DPA orientation was a mega waste of 7daylight hours.

i was the only one in DNHW. and one of the 2 students with a star next to their name in the contact list.
who the fuck came up with that idea? give out our emails, okay larh, fine, not so bad. handphone no.? shit you! HOUSE NO. TOO?! FUCKING NO COMMON SENSE IS IT?!

altho the principal was kinda cute. tennen. like straight out of a J-Drama. haha.

i'm watching Samurai High School now, btw. nothing to say yet, except Haruma Miura's Mochizuki Kotarou honto ni KAWAII!!


watched Saigo No Yakusoku last night till 1.26am.

shall not give a review. i'd never do it justice.
yes, i'm mediocre at typing out reviews.

i felt really sheepish that i initially thought it'd juz be a fan-movie. you know, juz to promote Arashi.
how i face-palm-ed myself mentally.

Saigo No Yakusoku is a fine piece of art.

it meticulously showcased each Arashi member as an individual, and a group.

how i wished that movie was by me.

anyway, i'm gonna get the DVD if i see it on sale.

i've decided. i'm gonna own a DVD collection of my favourite shows.
screw bluray.

Fieary. 27/1/10.

i know, i have quite a few posts in the making, but i'm not gonna put them up yet. procrastination demands it's turn.

I MISSED 5 X 10! WTF...

when will my dreams be fulfilled??