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Friday, 1 January 2010
Little Miss Sunshine. 1/1/10.

"the brother from little miss sunshine is cool
he looks like shitass white,
but he is awesome
especially the way he is currently trying to protect his sis
soo hot"

i don't get the point of the movie, don't think it's funny, don't think it's award-worthy, blah blah blah.

but the 'brother' caught my eye. that action of standing up for someone, especially your sister, is ALWAYS HOT.

too bad he's colour blind and looks like a bleached snowman with coal hair. and has a farty name.

yes, i'm sour/stale that my year is starting mediocrely.


less than a week before 2010, i was still about $190short of my $299 need. i prayed for God to let me find $300 on the floor, so i contact Jolene on 2Jan and pay for that course.

i found the cash.

lying at the bottom of 2 icky ponds, in form of grime-covered coins.

yesterday i recounted my cash, 5bucks short. =[

however, juz SECONDS before midnight, i found 10bucks in an old envelope!!!!!!!


now i have 5bucks extra!

gonna call Jolene tomorrow to tell her the good news.

Fieary. 1/1/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??