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Wednesday, 27 January 2010
IDMS. 27/1/10.

okay, so i'm at school right now, supposedly undergoing SPICE training.

guess what.

my bloody user ID has been deregistered.

at first, it was just a case of forgotten password, and forgotten security question answers.

many of my DPA classmates also encountered the same shit.

so we were patiently sitting there, going through answer after answer, steadily increasing in frustration, when WHAM!

ERROR: The user ID you have entered is incorrect. Please check and try again.


so i called the SPICE helpdesk, and that asswipe attitude me!

spent fucking 20mins on the phone, trying to gently get my point across, cuz i was in the dman library.

at the end of the convo, no conclusion.

tmd. fucking pissed.

anyway, now working larh.

a DPA senior's right hand kena sandfly bites. looked mutated. severly.
like the insect's saliva has gotten to his brain too.

shall not elaborate.

aight, gonna go back to fiddling with their stuff.

Fieary. 27/1/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??