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Tuesday, 5 January 2010
Happy Birthday KorKor! 5/1/10.

yay! it's my korkor's bday! walao.. shit coloured.

i didn't get him anything.. =[

i misplaced my 50bucks. haha. somewhere around the house.

o well, if he finds it, he gets to keep it. more fun, ne? ^^

i had the most wonderful fangirl dream ever.

it was soo awesomely satisfying, i woke up at 6.33am, with a huge goofy smile on my face.

then i went back to sleep, had 3 MORE wonderful snooze-visuals, and eventually woke up at 8something, 10something, and 11.31am.

my top 3 japanese guys are sooooooo fucking hot. lol.

cannot provide details tho, it's my private 'fantasy'.

dreams are personal. ^^

they were love story-ish. awesome kissing, but of course, all epic and memorable love stories have sad, depressing moments which causes the high points to make you wanna burst with ecstasy.

have a nice life.

Fieary. 5/1/10.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??