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Thursday, 24 December 2009
Xmas Eve. Avatar. 24/12/09.

Avatar. i wasted my xmas eve watching that.

first thing that interested me in the movie, was how retarded the avatar foetus looked.

then came the helicoptor thing. instead of wings, they had that rotating thing i saw in Spykids.

i wanted to put photos of both side by side and use red to highlight/circle the components, but i couldn't find the latter picture. =[

altho that gave me the feeling that this show probably ripped off some ideas from other shows.

in the end, spotted loadsa cliches/unoriginals:

when Avatar Jake ran into the giant rhino dung beetle, the ugly alien thing popped out. then alien t-rex chased him into a cavern like thing, and proceeded to try and snap him out, before he jumped into a lake to escape.

similar scene can be found in Sinbad(cartoon one with the ugly white owl), and Pirates of the Caribbean, and another show where this guy jumps off a cliff into a river to escape getting shot by his captors.

avatar jake ran into the alien wolves, he used fire, before avatar girl come to his rescue.

the plants and floor lit up when they came into contact, ripped off from MJ's Billie Jean MV!!!

"i was a marine, a warrior.. of the the Jarhead clan." now where did i hear that before?

"my daughter, you will teach him our ways.." "why me? that's not fair! whine."

cliched 'i trusted you, you betrayed me, get outta here' bull.

aiyah, enough avatar bashing liao, there were scenes that looked cool.

eg. when they put their hands on him during the "man" initiation ceremony, it was an awesome picture. but of course i couldn't help noticing one hand on his boob, larh.

keep a look out for these scenes if you watch the movie:

the female avatar looked a little like Angelina Jolie at the Eywa mating scene. very deformed.

oh my, they had sex in front of their ancestors..

"let's make descendents for our ancestors!!" oki, bad inside joke.

Eywa scenes were awesome, 'nuff said.

"Grace! GRACE! what's happening??" power shortage. ^^

oh ya, the big orange bird had sexy legs, kinda like those you'd find in frog porridge. =}~

the itran were flying cicaks.

the way the 'hostile horde' was growing reminded me of bacteria.

jake to Eywa, "i need to give you a heads up". what is the tree gonna do? uproot itself and pansy dance away?

Jake's avatar has a beautifully chiselled jawline.

the lady helicoptor pilot is damn cool. kinda made me think of female Rambo.

fire horse imba.

Go, oversized dung beetles! go!

loving the effects.

commandor hardcore sia! die also still snarling.

if Jake had a diamond ring, he wouldn't have to fear commandor. could juz smash the machine thing to bits. it looked juz like that machine from a certain computer game..

although the whole show was too darn predictable and the plot sucks, the CGI was well worth watching. bet that out of the 300million USD budget they had, at least 250million went into graphics and equipment.

it deserves a special award too. Biggest Pro-environment Show of the Year. Save The Trees.

after catching the movie, Radhey, Erica and I went to wander around till we got to Bottle Tree Park. my prayer was answered, i found 300bucks on the floor. 'cept that it was on the bottom of the pond. and there were fat ugly fishes waiting to nibble and sample my flesh if i stick a hand in.

Fieary. 24/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??