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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
Shinobi the movie. 22/12/09.

sad sad movie.

first, the hot guy with the hot hair dies.

then, they all slowly die, after each other.

Oboro then has to kill her lover in order to save the 2 shinobi villages.

finally, in order to persuade the shogun, she maimes her both eyes, thus effectively disabling her "the eyes of destruction" skill.

Nakama Yukie looks damn chio at the first few seconds of part 6, as seen on mysoju.com, uploaded by dramacrazy.net. ^^

dunno why, but i was amused at the captions; "both villages lived in peace for the next 260 years of the Tokogawa Shogun era. Their descendents continue to live today."

i also have a question.

so.... do they still practice the 'terrifying' arts?

are there still Shinobi?

how come in the last scene Oboro's eyes still look fine?

and i'm still damn impressed that the traditional kimono can keep them warm in winter, be cool in summer, look soo damn good and versatile, yet for 'modern' clothes, we have to keep changing them to suit the situational needs.

Shinobi's ending song was by Ayumi Hamasaki. juz realised that i haven't heard any of her songs in quite a while.

am about to watch G@me, also starring Nakama Yukie. let's juz say it caught my attention.

i don't wish to give a summary of it.

Fieary. 22/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??