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Friday, 4 December 2009
recent activity update. 4/12/09.

i'm actually 'working' right now, so i can't continue watching Gokusen. =[

but my 'work' is easy, and mostly consists of waiting on the comp, so i have the time to blog! yay!

like i told some of you, my 'work' is private and confidential, so don't bother asking. i'm not going to tell you.

anyway, due to a laspe in memory, i cannot fully recount what i did over the past few days of activity.

but here's what i can remember;

1.) i went swimming with Hafizah after 'jobhunting'. man, one lap and i was already tired.. soo out of practice. guess it was a bad idea to abstain from swimming for 4 years..

i met my former swimming instructor at the pool! i was like, "hmm.. 'fiz, that guy looks very familiar to me.. looks like my former swimming instructor.. damn! sounds like him too!"

and later on, turned out to be him. =.=

haha. and guess what? he still has my Life-Saving Certificates for the tests i took 4 years ago. i totally didn't even think i would have passed. he kept it for 4 years when i didn't collect it from him! omigosh.. so sweet!
his son is 24 now, and SMOKING HOT!

2.) 3 more days of activity after that, which i forgot.

3.) went for class chalet from 1dec to 2dec. stupid. so short.

the bloody professional chef not bloody professional at all.
the chicken wings were still bloody and bleeding on the inside, tho the outside was black.
the fishballs looked half-raw from my angle.
the squid stank.
the noodles was not properly mixed, so one side was soaked in soya sauce(YOU COULD SMELL IT FROM ONE ARM'S LENGTH AWAY!), while the other side was white and tasteless.

oop, need to leave now. i'll continue this post when i next have the time.

Fieary. 4/12/09.

i'll finish adding colours to the words next time too.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??