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Friday, 11 December 2009
NEWSFLASH!!! 13/12/09.

before i newsflash everyone, to the anonymous tagger, yes, i'm hot. in aircon rooms before performances, my teammates love grabbing my arms and legs, like a heater in winter.

anyway, NEWSFLASH!

1.) i won't be continuing my previous posts, cuz i am juz plain lazy. duh...

2.) SOMEBODY stuffed a sofa into the lift on the 6th floor of my block, yes, my block, and lit it on fire. juz after i left using that lift. this happened yesterday.

3.) SOMEBODY set the insides of a painting lorry ablaze at 6-7am. i told u cheena terrorists were coming to sg. both this and the above arson case was done by cheena guys. probably the same one who tried to set our gas pipes on fire.

so the firetrucks, police, etc came, put out the fire in a jiffy for fear of the lorry blowing up the carpark along with all the other vehicles in it, and i juz continued sleeping lorh.

4.) for the first time in 6years, i slept at 8pm last night. wow.

Fieary. 13/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??