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Friday, 25 December 2009
My Christmas.25/12/09.

it was the worst xmas i have ever passed.

1 present. from Radhey. chocolate toffee sweets. ^^

nothing else.

and i'm riddled with impairments to my physical wellbeing;
50-cent sized blister on my left foot,
a raw wound in a certain sensitive area,
allergy/insect-bitten rashes up my right,
jammed nose,
perpetual cough,
and a collasped voice, such that i now sound huskier than Antonio Banderas.

yet, my 12days of xmas were more enjoyable than any holidays.

wow. i sound soo deprived.

caught Avatar yesterday. i was right all along, the plot sucks, story told mediocrely, but CGI well worth 15million bucks.

my thoughts on that show shall be up in another post. likely to appear a couple of hours (or days, all depending) below this current one, after it is succesfully posted.

again, i typed it out via sms, during the actual movie itself.

this has been my best worst xmas ever. oh ya, Mrs Jones is coming with 2 one-pint tubs of Ben & Jerry's icecream later. Chubby Hubby and New York Super Fudge Chunk. the latter rocks! [i still don't like nuts, and the individual ingredients are definitely to pass over, but combined, yum!]

she's here, with chocolate covered fruits! omigosh, they are super delicious. strawberry and mango covered in milk chocolate.

a super tiny mango one.

a megalarge strawberry

a quarter of it.

the awesome packaging. it also came with REINFORCED BUBBLEWRAP. yes, it was not reinforced with bubblewrap, but had a layering of reinforced bubblewrap.

the back of the box is super cute. it says:

About the strawberry: It is not the fruit, it is the enlarged....

shoots, my digicam running outta batt.

ftr, the texture was unique. i first it felt like biscuit, but later on, it started melting.

Fieary. 25/12/09.

i'm still currently working on Xmas.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??