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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
my blood is sweet. 22/12/09.

juz kena insect bites on my right forearm.

at least that's what the doctor says.

it's like, random spots appeared along the sensitive part of my right forearm, and no where else. currently, at least.

kena-ed on the whole right side of my body at first, but those disappeared through the night.

i actually thought of showing u guys a pic of my current arm condition, but i myself feel too put off to look at my arm.

so the doc prescribed me some soap, an allergy pill, and cream.

waste of cash, imo. 46bucks.

tmr is J's bday, i haven't done her prezzie up yet. hopefully will combine with Z. do on the bus ride to ECP. ^^

another post tmr about how the day went.

Fieary. 22/12/09.

update, today, the spots ain't soo bad anymore. in fact, from my angle looks kinda amusing.

here's a crappy photo of it.

not good. more spots in real life. and down my right side too. esp at the hip area.

Fieary. 23/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??