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Wednesday, 23 December 2009
Judith's Bday Celeb. 23/12/09.

omigosh.. today was sooooooo eventful!

good thing i know where to start.

i woke up at 7.50+, with my voice feeling okay.
even tho i have an hour plus to prepare and leave my home, i still ended up being late in meeting Zack at 9, MSL mrt station.

Mr Nice decided to give me a pair of mismatched flower earrings. not particularly pretty, adorable, or unique, whatsoever, but i love them. extremely likably, especially after taking the intention of it into consideration.

we reached ecp by 10.50, and ended up skating alone to Bedok jetty, only meeting up with Judith's group at 12.40, due to unforeseen circumstances.

ecp is huge, and when you wanna meet at ecp, don't.

my left foot sprouted this gargantuan blister.

if you can't see it, you should go see an optometrist. i've highlighted it out.

see? still have a small-scale diagram too!

if you don't believe, i can show you.

16mins after that pic was uploaded, the damn thing expanded again. now it's bigger and grosser.
that was supposed to be snot green, but, oh well.

i'm gonna pop it. eww.

noticed it at Bedok jetty, but i didn't tell Zack it was a blister. juz said my foot hurt, that area.

he said it's due to my flatfooted-ness. =.=

anyway, after meeting up with Judith, we ended up walking around aimlessly till 3.30, although in-between, the 4guys and i played a round of 'I Never..' at Burger King, where i drank at least 2 gallons of ice cold coca-cola.

yes, i'm having a terrible sorethroat right now. my voice is lower than Matt Damon's at the moment.

it's funny how everytime i'm losing my voice, i taste cotton candy.

praying that i can still going out with Radhe-y tmr. 10am, cwp. uhg.
recently i've been waking at 8.17am and 7.58am the day before, and yesterday, respectively. wow.
at least, it was those timings when i bothered to roll over and check my phone, larh.
minor nightmares, but no biggie.

damn, seriously kena exhaustion. no wonder my voice is giving out.

forgot to mention, don't go to that outlet. they don't exactly clean the walls.
i spotted snot on the left wall(from entrance), looking solid as tho it's been there for half a decade!

anyway, i hand-drew a notebook thing full with 'coupons' redeemable for Judith. happy birthday, awful drawing and handwriting, but damnass cute.

we eventually landed at Parkway Parade and spammed Carl's Jr with our nonsense. only bought a large drink, 7 people share, sat there in our tomfoolery.

left them at about 4, when Zack and i boarded 966, in seek of homely shelter.

ended up going to bugis, and continued spending the rest of the day with his family.

his sister is like, mini-me, 'cept still soo innocent and... let's not say more.

we caught Bodyguards and Assasins. i'm adding Donnie Yen to my fav actors list. totally forgot about him. and the villian guy.

awesome show. catch it.

then went to Xin Yuen Ji and ate the fish slice meefen.

awesome! my dad ain't coming back tonight, so i can continue posting, even though my voice is probably thoroughly shitted!

back to the topic at hand.

my first time trying that dish, and i'm like, 'damn, what have i been missing out on??'

halfway through the meal tho, horror struck. Zack's sis, YuNing, told me that i am her idol.

like, WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

words could never express how crime-ridden i felt.

i would never want to be idolised. it is WRONG.

however, they come from a different faith, so i couldn't possibly explain it that way, so i modified the reasoning into 'the higher you place them, the harder they'll fall', and bullshit like that.

she was awestruck.

their parents possitively love me. ^^

oh ya, then after, they drove me home. during the trip, i made a fool of myself, but it was fun.

they believed i scored an A1 in Chinese for my Os, but i kept screwing up simple vocabulary like the characters of left and right in chinese, the whole car was exploding with laughter.

and i said the most anti-climatic shit too.

eg, mom asked me if i knew how to direct dad back. i replied, shit, i forgot what i replied.

anyway, it was MoLeiTou in it's fullest glory.

Zack and YuNing sent me up to my block, insisting that i should actually be carried, cuz i have a huge blister on my foot. i wonder how they figured that out?

okay, so i'm home now and blogging another originally-awesome-but-turned-out-slipshod post, cuz i think my voice juz collasped on me.

PiPaKao worked for exactly 2seconds.

Fieary. 23/12/09.

oh ya, their mom is IMBA!

when will my dreams be fulfilled??