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Friday, 18 December 2009
EMPOWER U. 15/12/09-17/12/09.

i had one of the best times of my life.

Empower U changed my life, and i hope to be able to change others' lives for the better as an assist for Empower U.

i am not at liberty to divulge what goes on during the 2.5 days of the programme, but i can say that it encompasses everything you need in life. as an assist, i hope to be able to share this experience with the participants, and see them grow.

for the second time in my life, first being when i was still not a teen, i went home after midnight. lol.

the first time i stayed out past midnight, was when i went to Orchard Road with my aunty to get a dress for my 'Christmas Hop' performance, many years ago. we took the bus in the wrong direction, ended up at some ulu bus interchange, and took a taxi back.

anyway, so this time i reached back at 3am this morning, and waited outside the gate till 3.30am. i forgot to bring my key. haha! Thankyou Gloria, for letting me hitch a ride. if not, i'd have to wait at ToaPayoh till 5am for the first train. juz missed the 11.30pm last train. things happened, etc.

when i reached home, my aunty just fell asleep, and my kor too. the chair outside badly needs some headboard endings, at least so my head won't slip off.

forgot what i wanted to say soo badly, but all i can think now is "what can i contribute to EU?"

i am absolutely mystified at how i arrived at the programme venue 1.5hours in advance for all 3days, and actually did what i knew should be done.

eg. on the second night, J told me that we will do the flipcharts up after the day has ended, so we can put them up before the 3rd morning, but we didn't, somehow. 3rd morning, when no one arrived yet, except for BW, Z and i, i immediately went into the theatre to look for the chart, redid it, and pasted it nicely up there.

i am SOOO NOT diligent/conscientious/hardworking/whatever. i stunned myself.

even for the previous week's YC, before C instructed me to prepare meals, inform me of the meal times, i automatically did every task, and was eager to do more.

EU has really changed me. you will never find me soo enthusiastic about other programmes so things. heck, even for my passion, i'm not soo hyped up.

what am i saying? uhg.

well, it juz rocks that i experience EU. i sincerely hope to make it to the Assist Team. they make all the difference in the programme.

oh ya, i need to thank Zack really really desperately.
he was one of the best things that happened to me during EU.

he would travel there with me soo early, accompany me to eat, get me excited about the day, and make the programme wonderful.

chatting with him on the train rides to and fro were a little exasperating at listening to the fountain of crap pouring out from his trap, but yet they were interesting enough. to prevent me from falling asleep, at the very least.

eg. on the second night, when i realised my most precious earring had slipped off my left ear, he noticed even before i did, and immediately gathered fellow assists to help me look for it.
during 'Best Things' that night, i tried to slip my shoe off my right foot, and my calf immediately kena cramp. he auto help me massage.
this ain't all. i can't emphasize and detail out how wonderful he has been. thanks 'sis'!

and to the other assists, if you happen to read this, i was the one with the green marker and bad handwriting. woop di doo.

Fieary. 18/12/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??