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Friday, 27 November 2009
Jon Bon Jovi. 27/11/09.

oh man, i somehow feel soo guilty that Bon Jovi wasn't on my fav bands list.
it's ok now tho, i've fixed it.

Jon is totally on my hottest guys list. he doesn't have unsightly tatoos, no smoker teeth or nails, don't have ugly eyes, and loves wine. %,%

my eyes are going gagagagagagagagagaga watching his music videos.

in It's My Life(another mv that totally makes no sense), a young man lives with his mom, is late in meeting his gf, has no sense to catch public transport or the elevator, runs down the stairs, jumps from the 3floor, hitches a ride on a dump truck, gets chased by a pack of dogs, falls in the way of a gasoline tank, lands in a gangster black car, and finally meets his gf. aww, so sweet. at some points of the mv, i kept thinking one guy is giving the mike a blowjob.
follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOfaYFIHt1g&feature=fvst
00:30, 2.49, and a few more. too lazy to post.

anyway, he looked effing hot.

like, i would totally jump his bones, if he didn't have a wife.
i'd marry the fella.

and his smiley in Have A Nice Day was soo cute! my frangt the fugly faggot cannot match up.

it appears as a pendent, which i'm dying to have, all over the damn place, and even in a crop circle. how cool is that? they muz have wasted a lot of time and resources.

i want a tanktop with 2 overlapping Bon Jovi smileys tho. all colours, please.

Chennai BBQ officially cancelled.

i need people to be audiences on the 30th nov, monday. sit there from 1to7. pm, of course.
pay-20bucks. st james powerhouse. i'll be there from 8am.

Fieary. 27/11/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??