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Monday, 23 November 2009
jacked up. 23/11/09.

dammit! i've seriously kena-ed a series of misfortune recently.

hardly anything has been going my way.

today, i woke up late.
i ran late in meeting Z.
the damn train was taking it's own sweet time to get moving.
my stupid jeans kept sliding down.
some perv in the train was staring me up and down repeatedly.
i got lost at Ion.
while waiting for Z to complete his job interview, some miserable little brat kept whining.
and stuff like that, get it?

even when i went to Tao's Modern Pacific Restaurant specifically for their Baked Prawn with Herbs, they removed it from the menu to cut costs.. =.= even their chocolate fondue was unavailable. their cheesecake sucks! oo, but the Baked Flounder with Cheese was yummy.

then i actually typed out a blog post while waiting for Z to be done at Takashimaya, but due to some technical fault in my crappy old phone, was unable to post it, or save it into a draft.... dammit.

and this shit all began during my O-levels mcq papers. when the bloody chalk kept flying into my eyes.

aight, i shall stop here.

i spent all my whining on the bus juz now to Erica. lol.

Fieary. 23/11/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??