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Wednesday, 18 November 2009
"Both cars wrong lane". guffaw. 18/11/09.

went for med checkup juz now. actually, not soo bad, no blood test. ^^

but horrible shit, for the xray i had to go topless. and to make things worse, i had to be pressed up against the ice-cold metal machine. talk about porn star in an x-ray room.

everything went well, i learnt to pee in a cup, and i am 'obese'. haha!

the nurse was soo shocked that i was 60kg.

anyway, back to recapping the previous days' events.


went for Singapore Polytechnic's Escapade. shitass horrible.

started off decently, till the dancers came on. bad music choice, bad choreography, ugly dancers with no skills. then horrible beatboxers came on, lasted for 20mins plus. at least, i went out after 20mins plus.

kanasai! cuz of the loud noise and over driven volume, i kena this massive headache and had to be escorted out of the auditorium by a facilitator, EeSiu and Sal.

EeSiu was soo nice. she led me to the toilet, then a staircase, where she volunteered to give me a head massage. my headache immediately went away. then another facilitator from another 'rival' team, i think his name is Alvin, came along and started fanning us! soo sweet. lol.

we gauged when we needed to go back by the number of trains that passed.

we were separated into 3 teams. Inno, Inspira, and Imagi. Innovation, Inspiration, and Imagination. Blue, Orange, and Green monsters. cookie monster, pile of shit, and snot. hahahha. you should have seen them.

anyway, the first announcer was a funny guy. no idea what race he was supposed to be, but he was a linguist. eng, chi, malay, tamil, and some dialects. he was speaking a li'l of each. had a racist moment, where they did a Punjabi remix of "If You're Happy And You Know It". fun stuff tho.

then came on a female mtv veejay. no idea who she is, but she failed.

after auditorium, went to this room, did "Knowing Me, Knowing You", an icebreaker programme. i totally didn't know my batch had soo many drag queens. during one of the activities, there were 'Pamela Anderson', 'horny she-male devil', and even MJ.

Skipping all the boring parts.

I won a pair of movie passes. they look.. well, not post-worthy.

Innoband rocks! the singer may not look much, but damn, he can sing!

i learnt that the Marina Barrage is now under SP. i was like, 'for real???'

then there was this Prison Break house thingy, complete with watchtower strobe lights and a misty entrance. totally choked me. the only missing article was a hot botak guy. ={

inside they gave each of us a testtube with a pee-ish substance inside.

vile liquid in a vial.

it was actually lemonade. hahahahah!

then there was this simulator thingy created by SP student. you stand in a box and wave your hand, and the book on the screen will flip it's pages. i was like, 'damn, not even japanese unis have this kinda technology!'

and a simulator, where you juz flip and turn a plain cardboard, and an SP building blueprint will appear on the screen, and flip and turn with it.

then cool robo-cop like animation played on the building wall for close to 30mins. i didn't watch it. i got dizzy. done by year 2 students. impressive skills and efforts tho.

there's a road in the Philipines, Iloilo, called Singapore Polytechnic Friendship Road. cool huh?

SP also came up with an earthquake simulator.. cheh.. i also can! juz suspend the thing, attach 4 ropes to each corner, and tug and pull as we like lorh! more fun too. xD~!

there were 8 programmes to the whole Escapade, but of course i couldn't bother larh.

by the Midnight Band thing, i was too tired out. sleep-deprived.

i was more than exhausted. literally drained till i did not even know whether i was sleepy or not.

it's like pain till the point of numbness.

the food sucked, of course. at dinner i only ate the sausage. at supper i only ate the cotton candy. at breakfast, i ate plain rice.

the Sunrise Surprise@Vivo was juz plain bullshit lorh!
fatass christmas tree blocking the mid, and construction buildings blocking the sides.
as for the released paper lanterns with candles inside, my team's burnt first and crashed into the roof of the walkway. Imagi's hit the tree and burnt, before crashing to the grass. only Inspira's was successfully released.

i was asleep the whole time, cuz prior to that, during the Midnight Gig thing at 1am through 3am, a bloody bitch woke me up 6times in a row for no shit. so i finally gave her the finger and threatened her before she left me alone. previous day was soo shitted up with her.

if i wasn't soo tired then, i would have kicked her ass soo hard she would have to piss through her teeth for a month!

oh ya, i forgot to mention. at about 12am, my hp ran out of batt, so it's back to basics to jot down draft points.

dum dum dum dum.....

pen and paper.

that's all for now larh. post damn long enough.

Fieary. 14-15/11/09 - 19/11/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??