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Wednesday, 18 November 2009
2012. 18/11/09.

did this up while watching the movie itself.

at about the 1.10.30 mark, got a cute guy shaking his head! ^^ eep! hottie.
1.32.30 cute japanese dude in a baker hat.

the russian pilot also quite cute! loving the accent. haha.. but his name is Sasha... -.=

fake stuff:
gigantic tsunamis in the oceans. waves form when the water slows as it enters shallower areas. the faster water at the back, not in contact with the bottom, overtakes the front water, creating a wave. in the ocean, no matter what the magnitude of the quake/speed of water, a wave will never form, as the seabed is too deep, and the water can't slow without contact with the ground.

some stuff i laughed at:

the president was an old black man. so 3 years from now, obama will be fat, wrinkly, and balding. his wife and 1 kid will be dead, and the other will be renamed "Laura".

"the earth's crust.. is destabilising..." hahahahhahaha!

"i thought we had more time." so did i when i realised my o's were tomorrow.

"it hurts my feelings when you say stuff like that" it hurts my eyes to look at you.

hahahahaha! the Mayan cartoon thing soo cute!! expiration and dinosaurs. plus chopping off your fingertips.

"i dunno honey, i juz feel like there's something pulling us apart (ground splits)" nature is trying to tell the ugly guy to fuck off and stop harrassing the lady.

hahaha. the radio thing very comical.


(after backing the stepdad's car into the split in the ground.) "sorry."

car flew off a ramp, got splattered by sewage.

Randy's Rolling Donut!

"sweetie, lemme speak to daddy" "he can't talk right now, he's driving really really fast" (dad face faults -.-.) ha.

"bye birdies! bye.. is this your kid?" lol the hobo is hilarious. "soo beautiful.. ima stay.."
almost everything he says.
"i have goosebumps, people"
buttcrack showing, "i wish you could see what i see, people..."

"so, now that you got your map, where are we going?" map shows: CHINA
"we need a bigger plane" (doofy face)

guy2 has extra tickets for spaceship. "who you bringing?" "nobody. who, my ex-wife? last thing she said when she saw me was she never wanted to see me again. so be it!"

"wow... that's a big plane.." old droooley guy"it's russian... eh."

they broke the eiffel tower.

dalai lama says some confusing shit, digs in his robe, throws his disciple a rotting key, "be careful with the clutch... it slips." omfg! next scene, rotting truck coming through.. =.=

the state of something became a volcano.

THE EARTH'S POLES HAVE REVERSED THEIR MAGNETIC FIELDS, the south pole is now in Wisconsin!!!!! ahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha!

"it's like the whole world shifted by a thousand miles. "one thousand, five hundred and ninety-eight, to be exact." wtf?!?! hahahaha.

car engine won't start, yelling going on in the car, russian dude"everybody, shut up!" silence... "engine. start..." car screen: BENTLEY. on.
"voice control.."

helicopters flying overhead with giraffes, rhinos, elephants. haha. continuing on the species.

"my dad gave me an icecream cone for every book i read." wow, you must have been fat. "i was a fat kid." =.-

the blonde russian lady called her dog, got into the ship, and juz as the doors closed, stuck her hand out at her ex-boyfriend and gave him the neatly-manicured finger. hahahahahah!

they brought 2 of each animal on board the ships. why only 2? what if one is infertile? or gay?

"twenty-nine thousand feet? what the hell is at 29 thousand feet?" mount everest...

while waiting to unboard the ship. wife"where have you been all my life?" husband"gift shop."

ending was juz... apparently they had no idea how to end it, so they decided to do whatever to juz make it seem not so abrupt.

back to slacking.

Fieary. 18/11/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??