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Thursday, 15 October 2009
terrorists are coming to sg. 15/10/09.

i mean it.

terrorists are about to attack sg again.

someone tried to blow up my building.

this time, it's not JI.

it's a China group.

my block kena arson on tuesday, 12-1am.

directly below my flat.

the gas pipe connecting every single house in the building.

it's the second time already.

first time, it was on the first floor, they almost burnt through the gas pipe.

second time, it was on the tenth floor, again, almost burnt through the gas pipe.

that cheena teen, according to cctv footage from our dear lovely indian neighbours, deliberately opened the cabinet door thing, placed a mattress below the pipe, and lit it up.


i woke up choking, cuz my room windows were open.

good thing i prayed earlier on for God to protect me, my family, my room, my house, my neighbours, and my building.

so everything was fine, the pipe was 3/4 burnt, but still fine, only casualty was the poor family's electrical wiring. the hdb sent people to repair it within 12 hours, tho. so it's fine now too.

i have 8 photos of the burnt area in my phone, but i don't have any cable to connect it to my comp, and my comp has no bluetooth.

forgot what else i wanted to type liao. o well.

till next time.

Fieary. 15/09/09.

oh ya, forgot to mention..
i accidentally tuned in to a Malaysian radio station. rocks!
all the great english songs, without any crappy commentary from stupid morons who call themselves DJs.
yesterday, however, it played loadsa thug songs.
did the sg govt. find out i was tapping overseas radios, and decide to hack my radio player?


when will my dreams be fulfilled??