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Tuesday, 20 October 2009
OLE! OLE OLE OLE! OLE~! OLE! 20/10/09.

i've completed my physics syllabus!! yea!!!!

now for bio, amaths, emaths, and ss.. =[

e/amaths first, tomorrow.

bio, after amaths is over?? means.. 30nov..

i'll have juz 5days..


9 days to amaths.. no!!!

good thing triple science paper 1s are like, a week after bio paper 2. still have time to re-go-through the syllabus notes..

Thank God!!

Dear God,
please help me, i pray.

help me complete my syllabus notes for bio, memorise all the formulas and applications for amaths, and not make any stupid/careless mistakes for emaths, Lord.
help me through my social studies and english lit, and score really well for every single paper, Lord.
please give me my 8A1s for my O-levels, Lord.

in Jesus's name i pray,
Thankyou, Lord.

Fieary. 20/10/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??