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Sunday, 4 October 2009
now i've got 2 stalker extraordinairs. 04/10/09.


whether i'm walking by the pool, at causeway point, or at the friggin library, i see his stupid face!!!

just less than 5mins ago, the idiot stalked me around the library, popping his head through the damn shelves juz to mumble "turtle bag".. so i said asshole and juz walked off.

even while he was going up the damn escalator, he still stuck his head over the rail and mumbled "turtle bag" like, 15 times over! i counted.

how i wish i had slammed the his head between the books, and attached a chainsaw to the boundaries of the escalator to saw off his stupid face!

anyway, i bluetoothed 2 photos i was supposed to upload a long long time ago to my lappie.

here they are:

thhe 20buck shoes from Salvation Army that i love.

the rose-red pen i made for every single teacher for Teacher's Day.

i will load them onto the posts where they belong, don't worry.

many more photos to come, that i juz haven't snapped yet.

my foot hurts terribly. like, damn sore every now and then, twitches, but absolutely no sensation when i try to locate the spot.

i hit my left foot on the computer below my computer desk about 3days ago. i was mad at my aunty and totally trashed my foot on that damn thing. no, not kicking. juz random flailing of limbs. after my tantrum was over, my foot was trobbing..

spent the whole of yesterday lazing around.
completed Light chappie in physics tho.

Fieary. 4/09/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??