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Tuesday, 20 October 2009
Mike Horn. 20/10/09.

i know it sounds too good to be true.

screw that, man!

can't people learn to trust others?

and there ARE such things as Free Lunches.

well, free to for those on the receiving end, anyway.

dad, was his usual shitty "NO SUCH THING AS FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD!" self, but hey, it's my life.

i am UBER EXCITED about this YEP.


Fieary. 20/10/09.

okay, extremely lousy blog post, i know. rolls eyes.
juz no motivation right now. but deep inside, i'm yay-ing away.

yes, i know that my months have been listed wrongly in the titles. juz changed them.. gosh.. i wish i had one more month.. but i wanna get the os over with asap.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??