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Saturday, 10 October 2009
i am Jenius. 10/10/09

NASA tried to blow up the moon.

Me: lol, y?
YouRong: coz humans always have a desire to blow things up. poor moon. then then. got twitter, saying save the moon.


'sup with trying to blow up the moon?

don't tell me they have the intention to declare war against Chang'e and the Jade Rabbit lorh?

so stupid.

an orthodontist is a dentist.

still working on my post on phobias. (inspired by Marcus) or rather, i'm juz letting it rot.



this is a quaint song.

forgot what i wanted to type liao.

the ice shall melt someday, but maybe not in alaska. unless global warming gets all of it, that is.

satay and cheesecake makes a great combo.

and i'm getting sleepy, or more of bored.


Fieary. 10/09/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??