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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Juz drank some grape iceblended. Sweettalk sucks. Soo many seeds. Their passionfruit milkshake tastes like soap!

After being dismissed from st andrews, we(lu,sal,cassie,fathin) went to Salvation army. It rocks!

I bought a cool pair of red-black exercise shoes, a grey tanktop, 4clips, and a headband. Total-20bucks!! The lady even gave all of us a really cute handphone keychain too.

Very happy, but damn hungry. Only ate a small pathetic mcchicken burger at 10. Nothing till now. :(

i broke my specs..
It fell and i stepped on it without noticing. :( my favourite specs soo far sia.. O well. I guess for every up there muz be a down.

Went to change frames. The new one is cute. It has springs at the side!! :)

this and the last 2posts were from my handphone, so all in juz plain and simple text. Will upload photos when i have the time, and am not soo tired/lazy.

Fieary. 5/9/09.
Juz realised now 09already.. No longer 2008. Trapped in the past. Ha ha! Another inside joke. I think only Louis knows.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??