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Friday, 25 September 2009
tv rantings. 24/09/09

i was watching tv last night when i started typing this in my phone.
all in point form, in very random format. no ordering.

Singapore Idol:
Sylvia had the best comments.
even the judges were referring to Ris Low's "boomz!"
quality singers with good voices, but not much appeal.
could not hold my attention.
only Mae, Charles and Syltra so far, but that's juz cuz i was curious how Mae would sing "Moulin Rouge", Charles did his own version of "Low". nice.
i only watched syltra to see how she would screw up "Breakaway". she totally ruined her image! they should sue whoever their makeup artist was! every shade of makeup all soo similar! the colours, esp lipstick shade.
even Tabitha was bad.
Fathin Amira was one of the best tonight, but still couldn't keep me watching the second half of the song.
the rest i skipped through them cuz they were boring.
Ken super civil tonight. so far no mean comments yet.
he even praised Gurmit and called himself ugly! (implied, of course)
Nurul gave the most.. intereseting cover of all. she totally transformed Britney Spears into some RnB crooner or something..

Juz saw Tiger Beer's new advertisement. so cute! haha. the taste of their beer sucks, but they have one of the best creative directors.

back to the show.
Farhan was the most charming of the night, but bad dress sense. he sounds like some teeny bopper tho.
Malaque made the best song choice to fit her vocals, but still not a sterling performance.
soo doesn't sound like she can survive.
Ken is seriously in a good mood. said she could be a Vasantham(sp?) star.
Duance's voice the hottest tonight.
Quite a comical rendition of "Pokerface".
soume parts sounded like he was playing the piano with his feet tho.
Most entertaining and best performance of the night.
Faizal ended the show well. second best performance of the night.
certainly hit the right charm notes, but of course, gay dressing.
'sup with the scarves?
so tonight only 3 singers managed to keep me tuned in to their whole performance cuz they were good. not captivating.
i think Ken is high or something. said Farhan and Faizal should be dancers in a band.
bands don't have dancers..
at the end of the show, while Gurmit was thanking the judges, Ken kept looking down like he was checking sms.
probably flirting with his girlfriend via sms, hence his uppityness.

At first, thought girls stand on Gurmit's left, guys on right.
then i noticed that Sezairi was on the left. ha.
the only guy there.
in the end, Syltra voted off.
kinda pathetic tho, she had the best performance last week.

Juz realised i recorded the latest episode of Samurai Girl. lol. the last part.
i think.

now watching.

aiyoh.. soo many guns still cannot die, didn't even get injured.
and juz nice a helicopter appeared..
haha! fall down the cliff still can get up almost immediately, beat up 2 people, hijack a car from a Yakuza henceman, tie him up, and drive home. lol!!!!

okie, dad's back. good night.
gonna read more fanfics via my phone like i did last night.

Fieary. 24/09/09.

cried for a full hour.
Gone With The Wind rocks!!
the fans are such great writers too! lit rules.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??