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Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Never try eating a 1pint tub of ben&jerry's by yourself after lunch. Especially chocolate fudge brownie!

Omigosh! It looks like sludge!


after school, ate lunch at my place, then went out to study.. Supposedly..

YouRong and i each decided to get a 473ml tub of ben&jerry's ice cream. Cuz it was more worth it. No oatmeal and cookie dough, so she got chocolate chip cookie dough. I bought chocolate fudge brownie. Big mistake..

We opened the tubs, thinking there was a spoon inside. None. So i started slurping it up. Lol.

We did go back and get spoons larh.

Halfway through, or quarterway for me, we both started getting crazy. Sot sot liao. Ha ha.

Each drop a few cents?

Laugh and laugh till mad. Like on drugs like that. Heng our principal did not do his rounds and ask us "girls, what are you doing? Are you on drugs?"
cuz we seriously laughed for like, 20mins straight.

Laughed till our belly hurt, throats clamped up, and felt like puking. Lol!

Cracked more jokes about the melting ice cream looking like sludge. Mine melted completely except for the brownies. There were burnt pieces! :(

i'm feeling damn high right now.

First, i shall sue them for selling us partially melted ice cream.
Second, i shall sue them for not giving us a spoon, but telling us there's one in each tub. Good thing we did not stick our fingers in to find it. I did prod around with my tongue though. Lol!
Third, i shall sue them for putting drugs in our icecream. It's probably in the dough.

YouRong has juz finished hers.. Don't think it's possible for me.

We're soo full, we can't touch our toes..

I'm still a quarterway through the tub. I'll continue later..

We've juz smsed Hafizah to join us. Don't worry, it's halal. I checked the ingredients.

They're vegetarian.

All natural too. The brownie and chocolate fudge probably grew from the trees.
The ice cream, squeezed from frozen cow udders.
splot splot splot!

Cows give vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Goats give strawberry and banana ice cream.
So what do monkeys give?

Rejected animals give grass ice cream.

Ok, i'll continue when it rains slushy ice cream.
I'll juz add flavouring to the clouds.

Fieary. 22/9/09.

Juz paid for prom. Now broke. Anyone wanna sponsor my prom outfit?

Lets go play blastketball.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??