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Friday, 25 September 2009
My top 5 hottest guys list! 25/09/09.

can't help but think that Singapore is utterly devoid of hot guys. and the world's hot-guy source is depleting faster than our ozone layer.

hence, i've put together my list of 5 fave hotties...

1.) Elvis Presley.

Turn-on factors:
deep sexy voice that can melt almost any girl's heart
handsome face
bronzed complexion
used to be tall, dark, and handsome.

Turn-off factors:
he's dead.
he did drugs.. even waaay before he died. serve him right. see? become soo fat and fugly!
he is promiscous.. had soo many damn affairs with sluts, but couldn't stand it when his wife had one with his karate instructor. he was the one who introduced them initially.

2.) Antonio Banderas

Turn-on factors:
deep timber voice that shivers my timbers.
hot baritone vocals that entrances me
drop-dead gorgeous features; that eye connection that makes me squeal for some unknown reason, sexy uber-kissable lips.
mexican ancestry(mexican guys are positively the hottest!)
sexy accent.
loves his wife and daughter above all else!
great sense of humour.

"Antonio Banderas has admitted he takes the costume out of the closet (zorro) whenever wifey Melanie Griffith wants to be such pleased.

Banderas revealed: "I kept the mask after filming and I do wear it sometimes when we are together. Melanie loves it.
You can work out the rest."

The actor has also kept the sword, placing it in a secret spot of his house. He is prepared to use it not only against potential thieves, but also against any boy who will disrespect his 9-year-old daughter Stella:

"The sword is stashed in a secret strategic place and I truly pity the burglar who shows up at my house!
Though I wonder what I'd tell the authorities... 'Officer, he tried to rob me, so I cut a giant Z into him!'."

Or, "if a boy gets out of line with my daughter I will take it down and say: 'Son, step into my den for a talk!'"

Turn-off factors: oh, hardly any.
'cept he's getting old, his boobs are sagging, sometimes his scalp looks damn oily, and can appear unkempt. resembles Mr Bean somewhat during certain occasions.

3.) Eminem

Turn-on factors:
totally a family guy.
juz listen to some of his lyrics; giving an arm for his daughter, loving his wife, etc. eg. "Mockingbird", "When I'm Gone"
silent, yet knows how to have fun.

Turn-off factor:
juz look at that picture..
young doof wearing pink!
faggotly arms too...
no wonder his wife left him.
ugly tatoos.

4.) Clark Gable

Turn-on factor:
the way he holds Vivien Leigh in the movie Gone With The Wind
broad shoulders, strong chest, totally masculine build.

Turn-off factor:
looks like a porn star in bad photo no. 1.
looks like a pimp in bad photo no. 2.
ugly moustache, bad hair, sagging, wrinkly skin.
eyes bare a similarity to the former world's oldest woman, Bremont

she still has eye shit at the left lower lid or something!

5.) still searching..

okay larh, i did this cuz i was bored and did not wanna start studying yet.. i still have saturday and sunday!!!... excuses...

Fieary. 25/09/09.

i WIll eventually post up the photos for the previous posts. some are in my handphone.. which cannot connect to the computer.. and my digi cam is still with my kor.. i can't find my red phone which can connect to a comp and takes great photos at the same time.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??