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Wednesday, 9 September 2009
Elvis was my hero. 10/9/09

lol. at first i had a lot of things i wanted to blog about, but i seemed to have forgotten it all.

somewhere along the lines of my African Tulip blooming, etc.

anyway, watched a few clips of Elvis "The King" Presley. rekindled my old love for hit hotness and deep voice. lol!

Joseph Hall is the best Elvis impersonator yet.

and Singapore Idol 3 is playing live now. they suck.

i think Elvis and Joseph look best when in a black leather biker jacket.

man, that bronzed look and badboy vibe juz blows me away.

kinda realized that one of the main reasons i was attracted to 345 was cuz he looked like my top 2 male artists melded together. Elvis Presley and Antonio Banderas. haha!

Fieary. 10/9/09.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??