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Saturday, 26 September 2009
i've found an easy way to study. 26/9/09.

okay, my "easy" way to study currently only applies to physics. totally doesn't work for social studies.

i've only tried those 2 so far today, cuz those textbooks are right infront of my kor's computer.

i'm ecstatic. completed Bonding Sg, Forces, Mass, weight and density, Turning effects of forces, and Energy, work and power. now doing Pressure. almost done^^

my secret method...

turn on AOL Radio to PopRock, open Yakuza Lords on Facebook, then starting doing.

after completing a small segment, go play YL. lol! then when nothing left on YL to do but wait, continue study. very efficient. haha!

juz started playing YL today by accident. very hooking.

ok, i'm going back to playing YL.

Fieary. 26/9/09.


when will my dreams be fulfilled??