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Saturday, 26 September 2009
i want an alien dog. 26/09/09

hahaha! i've juz woken up, and the first thing i heard was "you want chicken or charsiew?"

second was Erica telling me about Turkey working at F1, and Ris Low guilty of credit card fraud.


so now she's not only ugly and can't speak proper english for nuts, she is also a criminal. lol!

the Miss Singapore World panel of judges should seriously have done some background checks before even letting contestants take part, much less allowing her the tiara. okay, the producers/crew should have done the snooping.. but at least the judges should have had the foresight not to pick such a lousy idiot.

i would like to do some bashing on this year's Miss Singapore World competition, but i don't wanna get sued. lol..

however, i would like to emphasize that it is a wrong choice of allowing her to participate in the upcoming Miss World pageant. now Singapore would be represented by an ugly criminal who would create the impression that we Singaporeans are extremely lowly educated.

Miss Singapore should be a representation that our country has beautiful, well-educated(we're an education hub after all), healthy(she has bipolar disorder) and morally upright people. what kind of impression do you think she'll be giving the world about us Singaporeans?

someone should juz throw her in jail and ban her from representational competitions. although i would seriously like to ban her from singapore.

Fieary. 26/09/09.

i juz woke up.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??