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Friday, 11 September 2009
911 rant.

so.. i've been wanting to blog again, without motivation, whatsoever.

i juz slept for about 2h50min, and took a nice cold shower, but i'm still feeling sleepy. lol.

nothing the least bit interesting on tv. most attracting programme was Monster Quest on Discovery Channel. about the mythical Chupacabra. gay shit.

to end their debate on whether it is a mangy coyote-wolf-dog mix, why don't they juz breed those animals, then introduce mange? (dunno spelling for that disease, too lazy to check it up)

Facebook has this new virus for the friends thing. they basically auto tag you in some crappy thing.

anyway, juz a few moments ago, i had the motivation to blog, inclination to blog, but no content to blog about.

maybe i SHOULD post the photos for my previous posts, but i feel it's too much of a hassle for my already lazy brain to do it; i can't find my phone with a nice camera, my current phone cam sucks, and i think my kor took away my new digi cam.

yada yada yada, blah blah blah.

u juz ain't gonna see any pictures for a while.

getting too lazy for my own liking.

my O-levels are in a month's time(approx), yet i still am not starting on revision yet.
nothing good is on tv, but i'm too lazy to change the channel.
getting many new ideas for scripts/writings, but too lazy to actually jot them down, or think further.
even getting too lazy to play Klondike on my dad's ipod nano.. =[

however, i'm pretty well-contented that i caught a couple'a movies in the past few weeks.

here's my list:

Up - sucks. made me never wanna watch another cartoon movie. -☆☆☆☆
Turning Point - i love it, man! HongKong movies are almost always the best. ☆☆☆☆
Where Got Ghost - Jack Neo hasn't lost his touch. if it's still showing, go catch it.☆☆☆
Year One - MoLeiTau comedy, what can i say?☆☆☆
GForce - the name makes it sound like some lingerie product. stuffed with fluffy cuteness only.☆☆
Aliens In The Attic - best out of the list currently.. not very good, but alright. ☆☆☆

maybe i'll catch I Love You Beth Cooper next. been hearing good reviews about it.

my heart skips a beat when i see my 3 new pairs of shoes. haha. the one from metro costed my 20bucks, the red and black one from Woodleigh SA - 20bucks, the green with ourple and white on one side from UpperBukitTimah SA - 10bucks. feels good.

Stephen Chow has been keeping me busy lately. plan to write a script for MLTC soon. still too lazy tho. i'll write it in eng first, E will translate it for me later on.

ƒiearÿ. 911.
was trying out wingdings.

so fast it's 911 8th yr anniversary.

i juz realised that my blogger timing thing is soo screwed! lol..

when will my dreams be fulfilled??