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Tuesday, 18 August 2009
sad sad day. 18/08/09

my complexion recently hasn't been very... nice...

i've got a whole bunch of things i wanna complain about, but my major complaint is that i can't remember any of them...


boredom has started to overtake my domain, and there is absolutely nothing interesting that i am able to blog about recently.

in short, please, please, please, gimme something to rant-type about.

on that note, Z has been very funnily nice recently. okay, there is no such word as "funnily", but i think it fits, so nyaa~!

Z taught me that the "Peace sign" (the 2 fingers sticking in the air):

if you do it backwards (palm facing you, back of hand towards a person), it's a sign of defiance.


so for the whole day in school, he was going around showing people the back of the "peace sign", and laughing to himself.

and dancing too. (his hip gyrations look damn pervertic.)

nothing else to blog about.

Fieary. 18/08/09.

i accepted the DPA for Nutrition, Health, and Wellness at SP. hoorah.
chem structured remedial dragged till 5 today.. tired.
selling mooncakes, please buy..

when will my dreams be fulfilled??