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Sunday, 2 August 2009
my day was soo =.= 1/8/09

yay! i heard the noon bells, signalling the start of a new month!!

so anyway, i was supposed to go to the gym with Elaine in the morning, like around 10, but she wanted 9, so i changed the timing. juz nice, when after climbing the hill, on the way to the gym, she smsed me, saying that her mum last minute doesn't allow her to go out.. =.=

then, she said she can go out, but needs to bring her younger sis along. gym is only for those 16years and above, she told me so herself.

dunno what else later, finally said that her mom only allows her to go to educational places, ask me to go to the science centre with her.

i walked for about 200m to her place, then had to wait for her mom to leave the house, so i ended up climbing up and down 6sets of 9-story stairs.

okay larh, so maybe i did get some exercise.

then after entering her home, turns out they wanted to go science centre, for the new water maze.. "oh, it's a new exhibit!!"

like never play with water before like that.

i insisted we eat first, and i wanted roti prata, so we went to this coffeeshop which she has never been to before, although it is directly under her block and had some roti prata.

she thanked me for wanting prata, which led to her discovery of that hawker centre.. =.=

that lousy hawker centre only sold soft drinks, ice milo, coffee, and NOTHING ELSE!!!

lalala.. all crap and murmurings from her which i tuned out.

then she told me that her school's principal said "if your prelim grades are not up to mark, i WILL WITHDRAW YOU FROM THE O-LEVELS!"

???possible meh???

anyway, left them to play the water maze and walked home. kept smsing her to buy me orange hair mascara.

finally reached home, climbed up 11flights of stairs, went to my room. and found that i had 2 blisters on my big toes.. =.= didn't notice them before.

so i went into the living room, took a pair of scissors, and snipped them lorh!

then my dad suddenly came out from his room and told me "i will spoil your baby!"

i was like, "huh?"

"i will spoil you baby. cuz then i will be grandpa. grandpa is to spoil the baby. it's the mom's job to discipline the kid"

"okay... wait till i have kids first larh!"

then he juz walked off. -.-

flip open news, miss Singapore Universe shall wear an orchid. -.-

nothing to say, juz that i wouldn't be caught dead in that thing(butt-ugly dress).

decided to make rice wine, so got aunty to pass me 2 scoops of brown and white rice each. SHE GO GIMME MY FAV BARIO RICE!!! -.- like trying to get rid of my favourite food like that.

anyway, took me 45mins plus to clean the rice, cuz it had a hell lotta rice weevils in them. aunty was laughing away, saying i dunno how to clean rice.

i mean like, "eek! why soo many insects? how come some rice floating?"



after making rice wine, decided to make grape wine.

half way, daddy suddenly came into the kitchen.

"do this kinda thing, can play soo long. never mind, at least you're not doing the wrong things.."

"ya larh, later i will study larh.."

"you are getting prettier and prettier already! don't be attracted to or by the wrong guys horh,"


recently my dad has been in this kind of rather weird mood. constantly happy, like he's on drugs or something. but good, he hasn't scolded me for a loong time, thank God!! =]

so i continued squishing grapes in this funny mortar. beat them to pulp.

slowly, pain-stakingly, i removed all the seeds.

looks like tadpoles right? i threw them into the sink.

eventually collected this much juice. 4.5cm in a skippy peanut butter jar.
felt soo proud of myself. i only used less than 20 grapes.

then added yeast.

later on, went out with korkor and daddy.

got into car, korkor dropped something.

D: you dropped something you know?
K: ya.
d: pick it up.
k looks out : gone already.

d: i need it!
k gets out, bends down, picks up a piece of paper, passes it back to d. haha!

then while driving towards the highway, daddy ran over a soccer ball. =.=

i forgot to bring along dad's ipod nano, so i couldn't play klondike during the drive, and had to entertain myself by wrinkling daddy's expensive jacket.

later on, passed a bit of mooncake to my kor,

me: what flavour? tastes soo familiar.. you know what's this??
kor: mooncake.


then when i was out, my aunty called, told me my grape wine overflowed.

"why you call me?"

"i dunno! you grape wine come out!"


"it expand! now all over the place!"

so i told her juz clean up and repackage, then she scold me again "you larh! you shake shake shake! that's why the yeast grow! yeast will rise!"

i shook it. earlier on.

maybe i shouldn't have added this much yeast..

during the ride home, we saw flashing lights on the highway, red, blue and turquiose. so we thought some minister or something was driving with police escort.

turned out to be 5sets of funny looking army vehicles with traffic police bikes.

daddy: i like the lights. hehheh. army needs police escort.


i highly suspect that my longan wine will turn sour though. i think air will seap through the cloth.

found out that my kitchen is only 7m long.. sad..

some idiot also said i was 25. felt like whacking him.. asshole.. old and balding! muz be at least 100 years old that's why eyes failing. 25 years old will not wear army-printed cargo pants, t-shirt, and sit like ali baba in a fancy restaurant!

Fieary. 1/8/09

when will my dreams be fulfilled??