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Monday, 24 August 2009
movie! 24/08/09

saw this cat under my block, starving for affection, deprived.. it looked damn scary to me, but yet i juz HAD to bend down to give it a little love.

at recess, a tiny green bird landed on the stairs in front of me. i think it was injured. if it wasn't for the group of lower sec kids fawning about it, i probably would have stepped on it or something.

after school, saw this red-tailed bird. i think the birds are gonna migrate here for a while soon.

seems like the animals i get freaked out by are starting to pop up all over the place. frightening for me, but yet something makes me appreciate their beauty.

so mixed feelings. lol.

caught Where Got Ghost. pretty good. ^^

borrowed The Indigo King too, by James A.Owen. third book of The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series. haven't gotten hooked into it tho.

i would not say i love J.O's books, but he is pretty alright. my fav author is still Scott Lynch.

althought the CIG series would make a great movie series, kinda like harry potter, but better. 'cept that the book and movie would have to be structured pretty differently, and a lot of crap from the book muz be taken out from the movie. would love to play the role of Aven. =] the pirate queen. lol!

Fieary. 24/08/09

it feels good to catch 2 movies in 4 days.

when will my dreams be fulfilled??