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Saturday, 29 August 2009
lol! 29/08/09

yesterday night went to disturb kor till morning. haha!

watched him play Dota, using my fav noob char, Tiny the Stone Giant. haha!

then pestered him to play "spot the difference" on facebook.

chatted with Miracle and Doris-jiejie on msn, discussed who they supported in Singapore Idol.

watched the auditions for SI3, laughed at contestant 3, "Singapore's Asian ARRRRveel LARRRRveeen". kor couldn't stop laughing. i don't think any of you would be able to watch a vid of her and keep a straight face.

go youtube search "singapore idol 3 auditions part 1" skip to about 2 mins near the end. and prepare to... well.. be amazed...

then at midnight plus i decided to stop pestering him, and went back to my room.

stared at myself in the mirror for about 20mins, dunno why.

i wanted to stay awake so i could chat with 345. to do so, i played some puzzles.

completed 1 disney princess, 1 hello kitty, 1 doraemon, and 1 little mermaid jigsaw puzzle. xD~!

i'm soo happy somebody passed a whole STACK of those jigsaw puzzles to my aunty. i love jigsaws... haha! i feel soo happy and proud of myself. lol..

stayed up will close to 3am, but he didn't go online... ='[ imagine the song "3am" by Busted playing now.

quite surprised that i managed to wake up at 8.55am this morning on my own. haha!

met Hafizah under the block at 10. supposed to be at 9.50, but i decided that i had a lot of time, so ended up playing gay shit at some gay site till 9.50. lol. gobbled down half a packet of Nasi Lemak then randomly stuffed badic neccessities in my relatively new bag.

went to Boots and Shoes to meet E. went teacher's day shopping a little. at least H and Radiyah did.

i went with E to buy shoes, cuz mine were hurting my left foot.

i shall show you my shopping list later of the the things i spent on today.

went to the library, supposedly to study, but ended up folding stars for YouRong's mom, and trying to teach her and H how to fold the stars. R left, H and E spent the whole time having fun with astrology and facereading. lol. so much for studying.

left for the gym at 4?

gym-ed till 6.30. at least, stayed there and did some random stuff till 6.40. lol!

walked home across the hill. reached back about 7. juz enough time for H to shower before breaking fast at 7.15.

while crossing the hill, i dropped my phone again.

my expenditure:

Nice Colourful Sneakers: $19.90.
Rainbow Shoelaces: $2.95

Watson's Lifetime Membership Card Thing: $5

Vaseline For Hand: $3.80
McChicken: $2
Coke: $1

Rainbow Checkered Fingerless Gloves: $4.90
Fishnet Fingerless Gloves: $2.90

Gym Entry(student): $1.50
Gym Locker Fee: $0.40

Total Output: $44.35
Net Input: Priceless

haha. a very inside joke between my dad and i. about UniSIM's personal finance planning exam paper, question 1a.

juz watched Katee and Joshua dance on SYTYCD. link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8Q110kRWS8

i think they rock. their dancing reminds me of another couple in (i think) another season dancing to bleeding love.


Fieary. 30/08/09.

juz remembered, the gym had a few cute and really hot guys kept staring in our direction, but none had the guts to approach. wimp. and i hit my head while doing one pulling thing. it was too light, and i pulled too hard.. itai..

forgot what else i wanted to type liao. lol!

when will my dreams be fulfilled??